The following is an example of a "3-Trip" Builder's Package for a new residence on an empty lot.  Some municipalities may require additional trips or certifications.

Trip No. 1:  Boundary Survey, Stake & Flag Property Corners, Set Construction Benchmark and provide Construction Benchmark Certificate.

Trip No. 2:  Location Survey and Elevation of Forms or Piers.  The original survey document will reflect the location of the foundation of the residence and applicable certifications provided to verify the elevation height of the slab or pier foundation.

Trip No. 3:  As-Built (final) Survey and Final FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate.  Work under this trip requires the project be substantially complete including walks, driveways, final grading, mechanical systems in place (A/C or A/C pad).

No-Work Affidavits

Boundary Surveys

Construction Benchmarks

Locations & As-Built Surveys

FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates

City & Parish Forms

Piling Layout

A "Builder's Package" refers to the collective group of surveys, related field work and certifications required to comply with the requirements of a lender, local building codes and floodplain management criteria.    By  having  all of the required work initially quoted as a "package",  the total cost of these services is also less expensive.

Construction projects can range from new homes, additions to existing structures, and even include placing  a new  manufactured home or raising an existing home.  All of these projects require certain land surveying services along the way  and R.W. Krebs has the experience and expertise to successfully partner with our clients in any construction scenario.

Based on the type of project and location of the property,  we  will provide a written quote and breakdown of the services included in your Builder's Package.   

BUILDER PACKAGES:  Construction Surveys

DELIVERY OF YOUR WORK:   All work is initially delivered to you via email transmission as a .pdf file of the survey and certification documents.  We also provide .dwg files to commercial clients who request them.  Should you need our office to forward certain information on to your building authority, parish office,  or insurance agent, we are happy to do so.  All original work is then sent to you via US Postal Service unless you prefer to pick-up the work in our office.

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